Our flagship product Eminera enCore is designed for highly engaged collaboration among distributed groups and individuals.


We offer two versions enCore (Professional) and enCore (Lite)

enCore (Professional)

  • Hugely Scalable. Supports unlimited number of users per session
  • Ideal for geographically distributed Enterprises, large scale Training and Education Institutes

enCore (Lite)

  • Supports a maximum of 10 users in one session
  • Ideal for smaller groups. Typical users are small and medium sized businesses, students, academic professionals, creative teams, etc.

Real-time multi-party editing and creation of MS Word, Excel & Power Point files

The session is recorded and stored on the cloud. Available for instant playback or download at the end of the session.

Modular architecture. Easily integrate with third party tools like Video, Enterprise messaging, LMS, CMS, etc

HD Quality Video and Audio Conferencing along with Chat

All participants can simultaneously share their desktop or selected applications from their devices.

Create a session summary file. Extract annotated sections from any media on to one downloadable PDF file

Simplify Complex Collaboration

Truly real-time, multi-party writing and annotation on the white board and on digital content

Review video content frame by frame. Real-time, multi-party writing and annotation on video

There is no limit to the number of participants in each session. Sessions can scale without any impact on Internet bandwidth or functionality

Access your files from multiple sources. DropBox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive and other sources, via enCore APIs

Comprehensive scheduler to schedule simple or complex recurring sessions

Real-time multi-session monitoring and support module with analytics & reporting. Multiple live sessions can be monitored from one console.

Eminera enCore is ideal for


Bring distributed teams together during the design and production phases. Save time, reduce costs.

Business Executives

Enhance productivity and reduce decision making time in a distributed workforce

Creative Teams

AD Agencies, Video Production and Gaming companies - simplify the production review process


Engage with peers and collaboratively design/ review plans. Interact on demand with all stakeholders during the design and construction phases

Teachers and Trainers

Create highly engaged teaching and learning environments at multi-location Enterprises and Education Institutes


Engage with remote patients and other experts. Review/ Edit/ Create medical documents, images and videos collaboratively

... and many more

Make it your own

Use our APIs to enable real-time collaboration into your business process

Licensing Models


Software as a Service

Hosted and Managed by Eminera

On Premises

Hosted and Managed by the Customer

Technical Support

Telephonic support will be provided Monday to Friday between 9AM and 7 PM IST (Indian Standard Time). Support line +91 (80) 4126 6556


Please email your support request to support@eminera.com. We will get back to you within 24 hours (Monday to Friday)

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Our flagship product Eminera enCore is designed for highly engaged collaboration among distributed groups and individuals.


We offer two versions enCore (Professional) and enCore (Lite)